9th September 2020

Assistance to Local Primary School

Schools all over the UK have started to reopen for the new term and are taking precautions for the safety of the teachers, students, and their families.

The Oaks Primary School in Ipswich found themselves in a challenging position after finding out that their cones and barriers, which had been put in place for social distancing measures, had been stolen the day before the school was due to open.

Mr. Morley from The Oaks Primary School reached out to our Framework Manager Steve Holland and explained their predicament. Steve liaised with Mr. Morley and offered the use of Breheny cones etc. to allow the school to reopen as planned.

“(Steve) was very responsive and considerate enough to let us borrow some cones which enabled us, as a school, to reopen more organised and safely”

We are pleased we could help the local primary school and support the community in a safe return for the students and teachers.