4th March 2020

Breheny holds STEM activity at Fangfoss school

Breheny are proud to be part of National Careers Week and supporting the next generation! 

We have recently been working in Yorkshire at Shiptonthorpe and as part of our engagement within the local community Chris Wosman, one of our Contracts Managers, led a STEM activity with St Martins COE School.

Chris worked with 25 pupils from Year 5 and 6, the class took on the role of becoming Estimators for the day. We had the construction plans for a simple car park in which the Bid Teams, made up of 5 pupils, had to quantify materials and outputs to provide a price for the works in line with the programme. 

With the SATs exams approaching, we structured the activities to mimic the upcoming SATs maths papers. This exam practice also demonstrated a realistic example of how maths is used in the construction industry.  

The school praised Chris for his time and activities that he organised on the day – “The kids really seemed to enjoy it. Thank you for your time and effort.”