27th February 2020

Supporting our staff to become professionally qualified Civil Engineers

Did you know Breheny are registered with the Institute of Civil Engineers (ICE) to offer training agreements and provide support for staff to become professionally qualified with the ICE?

As a family business we want our people to enjoy their work and progress their careers in a stable and safe environment, this is incorporated in one of our company core values ‘We value our people, customers and suppliers’.

We recently teamed up with Skanska and held a productive briefing at our Huntingdon Office for both Breheny and Skanska Staff. Throughout the session we covered the training requirements to be a professionally qualified Civil Engineer.

The briefing was linked with the ICE training standards to Eng Tech and IEng levels. Our Training Coordinator, Ray Duffy said ‘‘It was great to have both Breheny and Skanska trainees attending this briefing, they were able to better understand the requirements of becoming a professionally qualified Civil Engineer, as well as forming new professional connections with staff from a different employer’’.