6th February 2020

Celebrating Breheny Apprentices

This National Apprenticeship Week we celebrate all of our apprentices.

As well as a big congratulations to our apprentices Jack, Katelynd and Joel who have just been presented with their Barry and Peggy Scholarship 2019 apprentice awards! All three have been presented their awards by Alan Bridgeman, CITB and will receive funding for tools and IT equipment as well as a cash prize on completion of their course.

More about Jack, Katelynd and Joel:

Jack Mason
Jack is one of our most passionate apprentices and his love for driving plant and learning the trade really stands out to his peers and the rest of Breheny Group. Jack has settled into site/working life without any issues and works hard during his time at college (Bircham Newton).  His knowledge and experience has allowed him to assist his fellow class mates and in fact his commitment and enjoyment of assisting others has helped Jack’s confidence and proved he works very well within a team.

Jack is extremely focused and determined to excel in his chosen career, this is evident by the list of plant that he is now qualified to operate – which is remarkable considering his age. On our sites Jack has been inspiration to experienced Plant Operators when showing them the new technology we use, whilst incorporating their years of experience, into his own working methods.

Keep up the enthusiasm Jack!

Katelynd Hailstone
Katelynd was nominated and won a Barry & Peggy High Scholarship – 2019 Inspirational Apprentice Award. Katelynd is a Trainee Setting Out Engineer, she has shown great determination to achieve her goals throughout her time at Bircham Newton. Katelynd stood out from fellow students with her in depth site knowledge and has worked hard to become a valued member of the team.

Katelynd started with us straight from school with no clear idea of what career she wanted to pursue. After spending time, both in the office and on site, she made the decision to become a Setting Out Engineer. In a short amount of time, Katelynd was trusted to carry out high level tasks on her own and excelled in every task she was given.

Katelynd is our first female to take on this apprenticeship route and is an inspiration to other apprentices looking at a career in construction. She has attended careers fairs, encouraging other apprentices to take on a similar role.

Well done Katelynd!

Joel Stocks
When Joel started his apprenticeship he didn’t have any experience, he started with a complete blank canvas. Joel was determined to show that he had the ability to succeed where others thought he would fail and became an exemplary student. He worked closely with our Training Development Manager, David Ling as well as the College to ensure he kept on track.

Joel has been willing and committed to travel outside of the area to drive various machines, in order to obtain the required hours and experience to complete his course. Joel is focused and willing to learn from his peers – this enthusiasm lead him to be the first to complete his training folder.

Joel works very well as part of a team, including his supervisors and other apprentices. He embraces new technology and takes on any challenges given to him whilst teaching others.

Great effort Joel!

We are all extremely proud of you – keep up the great work!