18th November 2019

New HGV Parking Area at M25 Cobham Services

Breheny have completed the construction of the new HGV parking area at M25 Cobham Services, the works involved a new footpath, creating a balancing pond as part of a new drainage system and service diversion works. We worked collaboratively with Maccaferri UK to construct the gabion wall.

The site team had a number of challenges they had to work around to ensure the successful safe delivery of this project. The site is located near a pond with protected fish and swans, therefore our team had to take the necessary precautions to avoid any disruption to the environment. We had to work around and divert numerous live services, which was conducted extremely well by our team.

Thanks to the dedication from our team at Cobham Services we completed the HGV parking area, within budget and one week earlier than planned!