Highways & Bridges

For over 50 years, highway and bridge construction works have been core operations for Breheny. We offer our extensive Principal Contractor experience, including S278 and S38 works, as well as construction and maintenance works for all types of highway, from minor roads to motorways and major route construction. Our highly experienced team is committed to delivering cost effective schemes with innovative solutions.

Our clients include many local highway authorities, commercial land owners and developers. We have experience of collaborative framework working, having served as proactive members of the Area 6 Bridge Maintenance Framework for the Highways Agency and the Suffolk County Council Highways Maintenance and Improvement Framework.

Breheny has established an excellent reputation for high quality works with high productivity levels, emphasised by clients requesting our services on other schemes and accelerating additional phases of work.

We recognise that works in this sector can have a major impact on the local community. We routinely liaise with our clients, local authorities, and stakeholder groups to ensure minimal disruption to the local people and businesses. We also strive to maximise our contribution to the communities in which we operate, using local specialist subcontracted resources to supplement our directly employed workforce, as well as providing a wealth of development and CSR opportunities.