10th May 2017

Breheny Safety Day

As part of the National Safety Stand Down Day, Breheny Civil Engineering undertook a Safety Day at the Imperial War Museum in Duxford on 18th April with over 550 Breheny Civil Engineering, Supply Chain and Suppliers staff attending the event.

At the beginning of the day Juice Learning staged a mock accident to introduce the delegates to safety and its importance.  This came as a surprise to many in the room who were seated expecting a talk on safety.

Attendees were split into groups to ensure that they could visit each of the seminars and activities aimed at raising everyone’s consciousness of safety and wellbeing. These activities and seminars included practical interactive activities on plant safety, working in confined spaces, trench support systems and an exhibition of new safety equipment and clothing, these were provided by Breheny Plant Team, Arco Safety and Mabey.

A thought provoking talk was delivered by Matt Hazelton of Proud2Bsafe on how an accident at work affects all people who know the victims, for 40 minutes you could have heard a pin drop in the room as Matt talked about his personal experience of such an event.  Juice learning delivered a scenario with actors playing the part of operatives on site, with varying levels of safety awareness, this was followed by a question and answer session, based upon the scenarios acted.  A film was shown to attendees about a real life services strike and how this affected all involved, this was followed by a discussion on how the incident could have been avoided.  Finally, Juice Learning brought the day to a close with an emotive finale to the days acting scenario.  All attendees were engrossed with the outcome.

Breheny Civil Engineering Chairman John Breheny stated “For our first safety day, the event went better than we could ever have hoped.  We had an excellent response from all our Employees and Supply Chain Partners who attended, and the first hand feedback I have received from our workforce makes me believe it will have a lasting effect on our safety culture” about the event.

Thanks go out to all who attended and who helped run this event.