Chatham Town and Waterfront Regeneration

Chatham Town and Waterfront Regeneration

Viaduct demolition, new carriageway construction, road widening to 6 lanes, traffic management and infrastructure in Chatham.

The Chatham Town and Waterfront Regeneration scheme was undertaken in two phases.

Phase 1 – Sir John Hawkins Way: An eight span RC viaduct was demolished under controlled conditions due to the confined areas, existing services and proximity to local businesses.

Extensive traffic management was required in the busy High Street including the temporary diversion of the bus route. Following demolition, new carriageways were constructed, including a roundabout and footpaths.

Phase 2 – Union Street: The carriageways of an existing signalised junction were widened and reconfigured with phased completion. These works also included the construction of a two metre high retaining wall, traffic signal alterations and drainage works.

A section of the A231, The Brook, was widened forming a new 6 lane route.

Case Study - Chatham Town & Waterfront Regeneration